General Information on the Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on the user’s computer in order to store data relating to a specific site. Cookies are placed on the user’s computer and are examined each time the user accesses the site.

Browsers offer the ability to prevent sites from saving and using cookies. In this way, however, the complete or correct operation of the functions offered by the sites themselves could be prevented.

The cookies used by are standard and harmless. We use cookies mainly for the purpose of collecting data that help us to improve our Site and to provide usage statistics (navigation, page views, favorite items, clicks, etc.).

Types of Cookies 

Listed below are the types of cookies used by or third-party partners and for what purpose.

Session management
They are required to facilitate the access to the Site and the navigation between the pages, so as to be able to use in a simplified way certain services offered in the various sections of the Site.

Normally these cookies last as long as the user’s browser remains active and are deleted when it is closed. There are some cookies that may need to stay longer than the duration of the visit (session).

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
conceptproperties-mijas.comNecessary operativityFirst part
CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
GoogleAnalysisThird part
GooglePerformanceThird part

Use of the Functionalities 

These cookies allow to set and store preferences for the Site, for example when loging in to send comments or when there is the ability to customize settings or site content (such as your preferred language or geographic area).

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
conceptproperties-mijas.comNecessary operativityFirst part

Interest-based advertising (behavioral advertising) 

These cookies allow us and third parties to identify anonymously what users consider popular, allowing a more personalized and relevant selection of advertisements to be displayed when browsing the internet. These cookies allow to build a comprehensive overview, always anonymously, of the preferences of individuals based on how they browsed the internet, in order to provide more relevant advertising.

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
DoubleclickTargeting/advertisingThird part
CriteoTargeting/advertisingThird part
Yahoo!Targeting/advertisingThird part

Banner and/or Textual Advertising 

Through selected advertising platforms we delegate positions on our Site to other third-party advertising agencies and networks that can serve advertising using cookies for our Site.

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
DoubleclickRetargetingThird part
Google adwordsRetargetingThird part
FacebookRetargetingThird part


In order to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect the user data from unauthorized parties, we use security cookies to authenticate users.

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
conceptproperties-mijas.comNecessary operativityFirst part

Social Network 

They are used to allow users to interact with various social networks, for example by sharing content.

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
FacebookSocial FunctionalityThird part
GoogleSocial FunctionalityThird part
TwitterSocial FunctionalityThird part

Third Party Contents 

They are third-party cookies necessary for the supply of content/functionality provided by third parties.

CompanyPurposeTypePrivacy Policy
Google MapsContentsThird part
YouTubeContentsThird part
FloorplannerContentsThird part
PrevisiteContentsThird part

Management of Cookie preferences 

At any time you can choose which cookies you want to receive and which you don’t by using browser settings panel (ChromeSafariInternet ExplorerFirefox, ecc…). To know where you can find these settings, that may vary depending on the browser used, you can use the function“Help” or “Guide” for your browser.

Regarding Statistical cookies and Marketing and Targeted Advertising cookies, you can disable them at any time through the settings you find here, however you will not enjoy an optimal browsing experience.

In order to offer the best online experience, new services that use cookies may be added to our Site from time to time. We aim to keep the information provided here as accurate as possible and use every reasonable effort to review and update the details: such updates and changes will be published in this or other pages of our Site.

For more information on the use of cookies you can contact us by clicking here.